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Our Story

Since 2013, Youth Mental Health Canada (YMHC) has empowered students, families, educators, community workers, and mental health professionals with the provision of educational resources focused on mental wellness, resilience, strength, and hope. We also provide mental health and wellness education with professional workshops, presentations, and training courses.

YMHC is a not-for-profit, charitable community-based organization, offering essential, accessible, and meaningful resources to support the most important role of all –encouraging the healthy growth of young people. YMHC provides the tools needed to meet the challenges of education, health, and life.

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  • Educator-Developed Support

    Our resources are created by educators who understand the unique needs of students and the education system.

  • Evidence-Based Solutions

    Our resources are backed by research, providing you with reliable and effective tools for mental wellness.

  • Affordable and Immediate

    Access low-cost resources that can be implemented right away, giving you practical solutions for your mental health needs.

  • International Best Practices

    Our resources incorporate the latest strategies and approaches from around the world, ensuring you receive the most effective support available.

  • Multiple Formats and Languages

    Choose from print, digital, or photocopiable resources in English, French, and Chinese (soon available), making it easy to find the format that works best for you.

  • Marketplace for Mental Health

    Explore our online marketplace to conveniently purchase a wide range of mental health and wellness resources.

Giving Back

In 2023, YMHC donated over $100,000 worth of mental wellness workbooks and training courses through the generous support of the Tachane Foundation and Make Hope Happen campaign donors.

We have been able to support the following places with our mental wellness resources.

  • Almost 500 Public Libraries in Ontario through the Ontario Library Association
  • 100 Indigenous organizations across Canada
  • 100 Universities across Canada
  • 72 school boards across Ontario
  • Supported local community organizations with print workbooks

YMHC Workshops & Presentations

YMHC Workshops & Presentations

YMHC offers workshops and presentations to students from elementary to postsecondary school, and to parents/caregivers. YMHC also offers certificate training courses for school staff and employees in a variety of educational, workplace and community settings.

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YMHC Membership

By becoming a Youth Mental Health Canada member, you are joining a diverse community dedicated to transforming mental health and suicide prevention through education, strength, and hope. Your membership not only provides you with exclusive benefits but also contributes to our ongoing efforts to support youth mental health across Canada.

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Visit YMHC

Daily drop-in hours are available from 9 to 5 at Youth Mental Health Canada (YMHC Charitable Foundation). Our team will come to the office to meet with you after scheduling a time.

Accessibility: YMHC is committed to creating an inclusive, safe and accessible space for all staff and community members. Our building is wheelchair accessible by way of ramp and elevator. If you would like to learn more about our accessibility policies, please feel free to reach out to us.

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