YMHC's New Booklet: "Creating Your Education Support Team"

YMHC's New Booklet: "Creating Your Education Support Team"

We are thrilled to introduce an invaluable resource authored by Sheryl Boswell and presented by Youth Mental Health Canada (YMHC), the "Creating Your Education Support Team" booklet. This comprehensive guide is dedicated to assisting students in forming a robust network of educational and mental health support to navigate their academic journeys successfully.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

The booklet offers a meticulous exploration of various educational and mental health support roles, including the vital contributions of school principals, vice-principals, social workers, psychologists, and more. By understanding the specific functions and availability of these professionals, students are equipped to proactively assemble their support teams, enhancing their mental health and academic achievements.

A Coordinated Approach to Student Success

"Creating Your Education Support Team" emphasizes the significance of a coordinated support system in overcoming the challenges of school, health, and life. This approach aligns with YMHC's commitment to providing holistic educational and mental health support, reinforcing our dedication to fostering students' success.

For Students, Families, and Educators

This resource is not just for students but also serves as a crucial tool for families and educators, aiming to cultivate a supportive and inclusive educational environment. It's an embodiment of YMHC's mission to deliver practical, accessible, and evidence-based support, enhancing the mental well-being and academic success of students.

How to Access Your Copy

The booklet is available as a digital PDF file, ensuring ease of access and convenience. After purchasing, you'll receive the booklet in your email, with the download link provided in your confirmation email. These digital booklets are designed for easy downloading and printing, catering to a range of 1 to 35 students or recipients per license. Should you require further information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.

This resource is a testament to YMHC's dedication to empowering youth with the tools they need to thrive in their educational and personal lives. We invite students, families, and educators to leverage this guide to foster a supportive educational experience that champions mental health and academic excellence.

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