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Monthly Newsletter

Our Monthly Newsletter is your all-in-one source for enriching content tailored to support and inspire your mental wellness journey. Each issue is packed with engaging features, including:

  • Highlights of YMHC's upcoming events and activities
  • A self-care calendar for the month
  • A delicious new recipe to try out
  • An invigorating workout of the month
  • Essential mental health resources and tips
  • And much more!
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Resource Update Newsletter

Stay ahead with YMHC's Resource Update Newsletter. This occasional bulletin provides you with the latest updates on what's new and noteworthy at YMHC, including:

  • The latest additions to our mental health resources
  • Up-to-date workshop and course schedules
  • Information on free items and exclusive offers
  • Membership and community updates
  • And other important YMHC news
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