YMHC Documentary: Youth Voices, Youth Hope

Youth Voices, Youth Hope

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20-Minute Version


YMHC Film Project


  • National grassroots film project on youth mental health issues
  • Created by 150 youth from three provinces
  • Focus on youth mental health reality and action in Canada

Film Development

  • Collaboration between film students and young filmmakers
  • Concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and distribution strategies


  • Highlights youth mental health statistics and needed actions
  • Features messages of support from prominent Canadians
  • Includes narratives of young adults with lived experience

Shayne Clench's Story

  • Illustrates challenges in educational and health systems
  • Highlights impact of mental health struggles on youth

Creative Team

Chief Creative Video Production Team

Roger Maunder

  • Chief Filmmaker
  • Websites: upskydownfilms.com, thisvideo.ca

Sheryl Boswell

  • Chief Creative Production Manager
  • Advocates for engaging, informative video production
  • Emphasizes the importance of valuing youth in the present

YMHC Film Team

Creative Leads

  • Nadine Espinoza
    • Toronto-based filmmaker and artist
    • Advocates for mental health awareness through art
  • Chloe Legault
    • York University Film student
    • Coordinates project outline, scripting, and production design

Additional Support

  • Emily Preston (Ryerson University)
  • Connor Duff, Ciel Cheng, Lee Banford, Alex Penny (University of Manitoba)
  • Dave Hurlbut (Much Music Camera Operator)
  • Shay Esposito (Singer/songwriter with lived mental health experience)

Film Outline

    • Focus on youth mental health reality, change, and action
  • Give Us Hope
    • Emphasizes the importance of listening to youth voices
  • Shayne Clench’s Story
    • Illustrates challenges in dealing with mental health issues
  • Youth Suicides = A National Crisis
    • Addresses the gravity of youth mental health issues
  • Stand Together
    • Advocates for unity in supporting youth mental health

Educational Use


  • Foster empathy, understanding, and compassion
  • Encourage dialogue about mental health
  • Sensitize viewers to the experiences of those with mental health issues
  • Provide concrete suggestions for best practices

Anticipated Audience

  • Educational and healthcare institutions
  • Youth and mental health advocacy groups
  • Governmental institutions
  • Local, provincial, and national organizations

Educational Activities Package

  • Includes pre- and post-viewing activities
  • Distribution strategies include social media and partnerships with organizations and events


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