Personal Wellness Toolkit

Create a Mental Wellness Package and Give the Gift of Support and Support to Yourself or Someone You Care About

YMHC is delighted to present a unique offer that not only supports your mental wellness journey but also spreads the message of hope and support. As part of our offering, we are inviting you to craft your own Personal Wellness Toolkit with a collection of our expertly curated journal workbooks, guidebooks, and Every Child Matters items.

Free Gifts (valued at $20)

And that’s not all – when your cart subtotal exceeds $49, we’re gifting you a piece of our exclusive YMHC merch – be it a self-care aid like a bottle of essential oil or a mental wellness resource like our new printables – to your order.

Start building your toolkit today and give the gift of hope and support to yourself or a loved one this holiday season!

What are you going to put in your personal wellness toolkit?