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YMHC Mask (Civil Reusable Face Mask)

YMHC Mask (Civil Reusable Face Mask)

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The civil mask is a fitted, triple-ply (3 layer) mask for use by members of the public in areas where social distancing cannot be maintained. Its outer layers are 100% polyester and its mid-layer "dust filter" layer is non-woven felt polyester. The mask's shape is fitted to cover the nose and prevent condensation on glasses if being worn by the wearer. This version of the civilian mask has adjustable ear loops for a more versatile fit. Recommended for up to 20 washes:


  • This is a non-medical mask. Wearing a non-medical mask when in public or other settings is not a replacement for following proven measures such as hand washing, avoiding touching your face and physical distancing. When staying home or maintaining a 3 meter distance from others is not possible, a non-medical mask can reduce the spread of the wearers respiratory droplets to others. For more information about non-medical masks, please visit
  • Individuals with lung disease like emphysema, or chronic heart disease, should only use this product in consultation with, and as advised by, a primary care physician or other qualified health professional.
  • Stop wearing this product if you notice difficulty breathing while while wearing it.
  • This mask does not replace the personal protective equipment such as N95 respirators used in health care settings and should not be used in a healthcare setting.
  • If skin irritation occurs, immediately stop using the mask, if irritation persists, consult your primary care provider.
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