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Creating Your Education Support Team - Printable Digital Booklet

Creating Your Education Support Team - Printable Digital Booklet

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The "Creating Your Education Support Team" booklet, authored by Sheryl Boswell and presented by Youth Mental Health Canada (YMHC), is a comprehensive resource designed to assist students in identifying and developing a team of people to support them to access and manage an education. 

This guide offers a detailed exploration of various educational and mental health support roles, including school principals, vice-principals, social workers, psychologists, and more, providing insights into their job descriptions and how they can contribute to a student's success.

With a focus on enhancing students' mental health and academic achievement, this booklet empowers students to proactively build their own support teams by understanding the specific functions and availability of various educational and community professionals. It emphasizes the importance of a coordinated support system in navigating the challenges of school, health, and life, reinforcing YMHC's commitment to holistic educational and mental health support.

Ideal for both personal and educational use, "Creating Your Education Support Team'' serves as a vital tool for students, families, and educators seeking to foster a supportive and inclusive educational experience. This resource aligns with YMHC's mission to offer practical, accessible, and evidence-based support, further demonstrating our dedication to the mental well-being and academic success of students.

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