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Youth Mental Health Canada

YMHC Child and Youth Mental Health Workshops

YMHC Child and Youth Mental Health Workshops

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Child and Youth Mental Health Workshops:

YMHC has virtual and in-person workshops and training courses on a range of child and youth mental health issues. Workshops and courses can be tailored to the needs of each school community, parent council, or community organization. YMHC is led by an educator who has taught elementary, secondary, postsecondary, and adult education students in Canada and Africa.

Some of our most popular workshops include:

  • Creating a Personal Wellness Action Plan
  • School-Wide Strategies to Support Student Mental Wellness
  • Building Sources of Strength, and Resilience
  • Mental Wellness Protective Factors: Building Sources of Support

Family Workshops:

YMHC provides virtual workshops for families on supporting child and youth mental health and wellness and creating a wellness action plan. The fee is $500 and includes a booklet. 

Student Workshops:

YMHC provides virtual and in-person workshops for students of all ages. We have a special offer of 20 print mental wellness workbooks and one virtual workshop for $600

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In-person workshops are $900 and include 20 print mental wellness workbooks. Additional fees of travel and accommodation might apply. Book a workshop here: YMHC Mental Health and Wellness Workshops and Presentations

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