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Mental Wellness Workbook (2nd Edition, Digital Fillable) - Personal License

Mental Wellness Workbook (2nd Edition, Digital Fillable) - Personal License

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This creative journal workbook includes:

Sources of Support
Sources of Strength
Beneath the Surface
Helpful Resources

About the Author:

Sheryl Boswell is an educator and has taught elementary, secondary, post-secondary and adult education students in Canada and Africa. She is a suicide loss survivor, a child and youth mental health expert and the Executive Director of Youth Mental Health Canada.

About Youth Mental Health:

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to YMHC. Youth Mental Health Canada in a grass roots, community-based, youth-led and driven charitable non-profit organization focused on education, support and advocacy.

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Other Purchase Options: This book is available in digital format (ebooks), and a photocopiable licence is available for purchase by schools and other organisations, allowing for unlimited photocopies within the organisation at the same mailing addresses.

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