Announcing YMHC's Latest Resources: "Coping with Stress" and "The Feelings Wheel" Booklets

Announcing YMHC's Latest Resources: "Coping with Stress" and "The Feelings Wheel" Booklets

Youth Mental Health Canada (YMHC) is thrilled to introduce two new additions to our suite of mental wellness resources: the "Coping with Stress" and "The Feelings Wheel" printable digital booklets. Authored by Sheryl Boswell, these resources are designed to offer practical strategies and exercises for individuals to manage stress and emotions effectively.

Coping with Stress - Printable Digital Booklet

The "Coping with Stress" booklet is an invaluable tool for understanding and managing the cognitive, emotional, and physical signs of stress. It focuses on common student stressors, providing strategies for stress reduction and management. With practical activities, this resource fosters skills in stress awareness, problem-solving, resilience, and well-being, making it ideal for both personal and educational use.

The Feelings Wheel - Printable Digital Booklet

Developed in collaboration with YMHC and Sheryl Boswell, "The Feelings Wheel" booklet is a dynamic resource for exploring and expressing emotions. It incorporates interactive exercises to help users identify, understand, and articulate their feelings, thereby enhancing emotional literacy. The booklet is a supportive tool for developing coping strategies, increasing self-awareness, and fostering emotional intelligence, suitable for individual or guided sessions.

Digital Convenience

These booklets will be delivered to your email as PDF files, ensuring immediate access to these resources. Note that these are digital items, enabling you to download and print them as needed. Each purchase allows usage for 1 to 35 students or recipients at the purchaser's address.

How to Obtain Your Booklets

Upon purchase, you'll receive a download link in your confirmation email. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

YMHC continues to empower individuals and communities by providing essential tools for mental wellness. These booklets are part of our commitment to support the mental health and educational growth of young people across Canada.

For more details or to acquire these booklets, please visit our website at "Coping with Stress" and "The Feelings Wheel". Your support helps YMHC in our mission to enhance the mental wellness and potential of our youth, contributing to a healthier, more resilient future for all.

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