Workshop Booking Process

Booking Process

Workshop requests are addressed on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must submit this form a minimum of two weeks before your requested workshop date. However, we suggest submitting your request well in advance as dates fill up quickly.

Hosts must guarantee a minimum number of 10 participants. If your group is smaller, we suggest collaborating with other groups or classes to host a larger event.

If the workshop is in person, hosts are expected to manage all logistics associated with the event including marketing the event and managing registration (if applicable), booking a suitable room as well as providing all A/V required (laptop computer, projector, and screen).

After submission of the online form, our staff will be in touch within 5 business days of your request. Expected number of attendees (minimum required 10).

Workshop Fees

Zoom Workshops:

  • One hour: $700
  • Two hours: $1,400
  • Three hours: $2,000

Up to 15 participants. Please contact us to discuss the details.

In-Person Workshops:

  • Base price plus personal time
    • One hour: $1,000
    • Two hours: $2,000
    • Three hours: $3,000

Plus travel, accommodation, and other speaker fees. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Training Course:

  • Virtual 15-hour Course: $10,000

All prices exclude transaction fees or speaker fees (if applicable).

Travel and Lodging Expenses (In-person)

Our in-person workshop planning process includes an estimation of travel and lodging expenses for our speakers.

Travel costs comprise air travel or ground transportation, depending on the event's location. Lodging costs are based on the hotel rate.

We may use the mileage at a rate equal to the CRA per-kilometer allowance and two meals per day.

Please contact us to coordinate.

Submit a Request

Before proceeding with a deposit payment and requesting workshops, please READ the process and fee information above.

Submit a Request Online

Submit the application form here and follow the instructions included. For questions, email admin (at)