Click to Learn: How to get a donation receipt?

If you made the donation with PayPal Giving Fund Canada:

All donations made to PayPal Giving Fund Canada are eligible for donation receipts (there is no minimum donation amount).

Please check your email inbox for your receipt after submitting your donation. You may also receive a separate transaction receipt via email, in addition to your official donation receipt. For tax purposes, you will need to use the official donation receipt. It will include the name and mailing address on your PayPal account as this is required by the Canada Revenue Agency. In order to make sure that this is correct on the donation receipt, please make sure your PayPal account has the correct personal information before making donations.

Did you make a donation through a Facebook fundraiser? If so, Facebook will email your donation receipt issued by PayPal Giving Fund Canada to your Facebook-registered email address. You will not receive a separate donation receipt emailed from PayPal Giving Fund Canada.

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If you made the donation with CanadaHelps:

For one-time donations, CanadaHelps automatically emails tax receipts to the donor once the donation has been successfully processed.

For monthly donations, we do not instantly issue tax receipts. Donors are able to go into their account and generate their tax receipt whenever they’d like. At the very latest, their tax receipt will be generated at beginning of the follow calendar year and can be found in their account.

If a monthly donor has chosen to have their tax receipts aggregated, no instant tax receipt will be issued.

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If you made the donation by cheque:

Please contact us at to request a donation receipt at

Donate to a YMHC Campaign

Below is a list of our currently available campaigns:


Make Donation with Credit Card or PayPal (One-time or Recurring)

Payment method: You can donate to YMHC with PayPal or your credit/debit card.

Fee: YMHC will be charged 1.6% plus $0.30 fee for every donation.


Donate with Cheque

If you would like to send a cheque to YMHC, please make the cheque payable to our registered name, YMHC Charitable Foundation, and mail it to our office in Hamilton.

Mailing Address: YMHC Charitable Foundation, 51 Stuart St. Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 1B5

If you made the cheque payable to a different name or sent the cheque to a different address, we will NOT be able to deposit the cheque.


Donate with CanadaHelps

Payment method: By using CanadaHelps, you can donate to YMHC with your credit card.

Fee: YMHC will be charged a 4% fee for one-time donation and 3.5% fee for monthly donation.