Five reasons to become a YMHC member

  1. To participate in a youth mental health and suicide prevention grassroots, community-based organization
    dedicated to change
  2. To get email updates of YMHC and mental health events, news and happenings
  3. To have the right to vote at YMHC’s Annual General Meeting
  4. To receive a charitable tax receipt and support a youth mental health non-profit organization
  5. To demonstrate your support of youth who are struggling with mental health issues

Here are some ways you can make a difference

Take action

  • Organize a youth mental health event in your area
  • Send messages of support to people who might be struggling with their mental health using YMHC greeting cards
  • Promote youth mental health awareness through educational campaigns

Become a Youth Mental Health Advocate!

  • Work with others and find ways to increase youth mental health funding, mental health education, mental health supports and services

Raise Money

  • Use your talents and skills to fundraise for YMHC
  • Fundraise locally to get YMHC youth mental wellness resources for your community
  • Fundraise to donate YMHC youth mental wellness resources sent to communities that are experiencing youth suicide crises