Free YMHC School Phobia Training Course for Indigenous Education and Mental Health Professionals

We are excited to announce that Youth Mental Health Canada is sponsoring 5 free spots for Indigenous education and mental health professionals to attend the YMHC School Phobia Training Course. This comprehensive instructional program equips educators and mental health professionals with knowledge and skills to support young people struggling with mental health challenges, including school anxiety, phobia, and avoidance.

This initiative is being funded by the Tachane Foundation, which provides assistance and financing to Indigenous registered charities that focus on housing, education, culture, and employment opportunities. We are grateful for their support in making this opportunity available to Indigenous professionals who work with young people across Canada.

The training course covers a range of topics, including strategies for building mental wellness protective factors to reduce suicide risk factors, and for meeting the learning, health, and brain needs and differences of students from diverse backgrounds. The course also provides practical, proactive, and preventative awareness of the issues to consider, combined with comprehensive strategies for supporting students.

Participants will receive 12 hours of instructional content, a photocopiable guidebook on supporting students with school phobia valued at $120, and weekly assignments that will enrich their understanding of the issues and increase their awareness of strategies needed for school-wide approaches. The course will take place via Zoom on Saturdays from 1 pm to 3 pm EST, starting April 1 and ending May 6.

We believe that participation in this course will provide valuable skills, information, and resources for meeting the needs of students with mental health challenges. As mental health issues continue to be prevalent in our communities, it is essential to equip education and mental health professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to support students effectively.

Enrollment is limited to 15 participants to ensure a high level of engagement and interaction, so we encourage Indigenous education and mental health professionals to register soon.

Please visit for more information about the course and to register.

We hope that this initiative will provide an opportunity for Indigenous education and mental health professionals to learn and grow while enhancing their skills in supporting young people. We are grateful to the Tachane Foundation for their generous funding and support in making this opportunity possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at admin (at) or call us at 647-952-9642. We look forward to hearing from you!