Understanding the Copyright Restrictions on YMHC's Print, Digital, and Photocopiable Products

Youth Mental Health Canada (YMHC) offers a range of educational resources designed to support mental wellness. These resources include print workbooks, digital guidebooks, and photocopy-friendly materials. Each format has specific usage guidelines and copyright restrictions to ensure the content is used responsibly and effectively. Below, we clarify these restrictions to help you understand the best practices for utilizing YMHC's resources.

Print Workbooks and Guidebooks

YMHC's print workbooks and guidebooks are tangible resources that you can hold, annotate, and reference easily. However, it's important to note that:

  • These materials may not be photocopied or digitally shared under any circumstances.
  • The reproduction, distribution, or transmission of YMHC content, in any form, without a proper Distribution License from YMHC, is strictly prohibited.
  • These guidelines ensure the integrity and value of the print materials while respecting the intellectual property rights of the creators.

Digital Workbooks and Guidebooks

YMHC's digital resources are designed for convenience and accessibility, allowing you to interact with the content on electronic devices:

  • Digital workbooks and guidebooks may not be printed, photocopied, or shared digitally.
  • They are typically provided in PDF format, with some being fillable to enhance interactivity.
  • Each Distribution License permits only a single copy of electronic distribution. If you need to distribute digital copies to multiple readers, you must purchase a corresponding number of Distribution Licenses.
  • Posting or distributing these electronic copies on third-party platforms or by content aggregators is strictly forbidden.
  • YMHC does not permit any modifications, including adaptations, edits, excerpts, or summaries, of their digital products.

Photocopiable Workbooks and Guidebooks

YMHC offers photocopy-friendly materials with specific guidelines to facilitate usage within educational institutions:

  • While these workbooks and guidebooks are sent digitally in PDF format, they are designed to be printed and photocopied for use within the purchasing educational institution.
  • Photocopy permission is specifically granted to the staff of the purchasing school at the designated address, allowing them to distribute copies among their colleagues and students within the same school.
  • If multiple schools or addresses wish to use these materials, each must acquire its own copy to ensure fair use and respect for copyright laws.
  • It's important to note that these materials should not be duplicated beyond the initial print and photocopy scope for which they are licensed. For instance, photocopying from an already made photocopy or extending the distribution beyond the purchasing site is not permitted.
  • Similarly, these photocopy-friendly materials cannot be shared electronically on any third-party platforms or by content aggregators, maintaining the exclusivity of the content for the purchaser's use.
  • Any form of content modification or adaptation is strictly prohibited to preserve the educational quality and copyright of the materials.