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Do you believe …

  • one child or youth suicide is too many?
  • we can reduce suicidality and hospitalizations of young people?
  • all youth need mental wellness tools to manage their mental health?
  • education is a tool for mental health change?
  • we all can do something to make a difference?
Watch this video that shows the reality of youth mental health issues in Canada:

Support our campaign to provide mental wellness toolkits to all students in Canada!

By contributing to our campaign to provide mental wellness toolkits to students, you are providing hope for youth who are struggling with their mental health, honoring the memory of the young people who lost their lives to mental health challenges and providing mental wellness tools to all students so that they can manage their mental health.
You can be a part of the solution to child and youth mental health challenges and suicide prevention!

Support the YMHC Make Hope Happen project.

We know that all students need tools to manage their mental health and wellness. By creating tools for mental health change, we hope to increase access to mental wellness information, resources, skills and strategies. We know that greater access to tools for mental health change demonstrates our shared commitment to child and youth suicide prevention and puts the tools into the hands of those who need them.


We would like all students from grade six up to be provided with a mental wellness toolkit:
  • to normalize the conversation about mental health,
  • to provide effective, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed and strength-based mental wellness tools for education
  • to support students in managing mental health and life challenges
  • to demonstrate our commitment to youth with action
  • to encourage greater peer and school support using our compassionate tools for mental wellness


Publicly funded services are struggling to deliver services that respond immediately to the needs of young people and provide effective and thorough follow-up. In an era of public sector cuts, we know that if people really want something to happen, they have to find a way of doing it themselves.
We believe that crowd funding provides an excellent opportunity for the community to get involved and feel ownership for mental health education that supports the mental wellness of all students.


Health impacts all of us. There is no education without good mental health.
Youth Mental Health Canada has worked with youth from across Canada, as well as international mental health advocates, educators, clinicians, professors and researchers to develop a comprehensive mental wellness toolkit providing tools to support mental health and wellness. The tool kits will benefit children and youth, school staff, families and the community — today and into the future.
  • Your support of our innovative child and youth mental wellness toolkit becomes part of the massive shift in health and education needed in suicide prevention
  • We believe that every individual has the power to make a difference in the world. Your support shows how true this can be.
  • Even the smallest donation means a lot to children and youth who might be struggling with their mental health


Support the Make Hope Happen Campaign:

We need your support. Even if you are unable to contribute a financial donation, you can still help us:
  • Please share our vision! Spread the word and make some noise about our campaign.
  • Act now and use social media share tools to let your circles, your tribes, your friends and your families know about the important initiative the “Make Hope Happen” is driving forward.

Support Youth Mental Health Canada

Sponsorship Package

Our initial goal is to get 100,000 mental wellness toolkits to students for next school year.
We are exploring every possibility to get funding, support and sponsorship.
The more funding we receive to produce the kits, the lower the price of each kit.
We are confident that if there is community and media support for our innovative approach to youth mental health, mental wellness and suicide prevention, we can make hope happen.
We are starting the project with a youth consultation in English and French on mental wellness needs. Throughout the tool kit design, development, production and use by students, we will conduct thorough research and provide documentation of the toolkit effectiveness and implementation.
Watch this video: students tell us what they need and want in their mental wellness tool kits.

It is time for youth mental health change!

For every donation over $125, you will receive a “time for change” clock. You can have HOPE or YMHC at the top of the clock.
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