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This is a unique and custom tailored service to help you take the necessary actions to support your child who has mental health challenges/disabilities.

I offer this support and advocacy service combining my many years of personal and professional experience supporting individuals and families. I have training in Suicide Intervention and Prevention, Special Education, Life Skills, Counselling, Multicultural Diversity Management and English as a Second Language. I have access to a wide variety of resources and work with leading provincial, national and international mental health advocates for children and youth.

  • Executive Director of Youth Mental Health Canada
  • an expert in infant, child and youth mental health
  • an educator with years of experience in elementary, secondary, post-secondary and adult education
  • a suicide loss survivor
  • trained in ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • trained and experienced in Special Education, Career Counselling/Career Planning, English as a second language, Literacy and Life Skills


It is not easy to parent a child with mental health challenges. It’s not easy to find supports, services, a diagnosis and psychological-educational assessment and the educational accommodations needed. It’s not easy to find the right fit: the right therapist, the right therapeutic approach, the right medication, the right school, the right teacher(s). So many people, including friends and family, do not understand mental illness, especially in young people. Many people in the healthcare and education profession do not understand youth mental health issues. Many people do not have training in child and youth mental health issues to truly understand your challenges and your child’s challenges.
All of the challenges accumulate and can be very isolating. The burden of getting support for a young person with mental health issues can be challenging: financial, emotional and social burdens add to the stress of supporting a child in crisis.
Through this process, I want to assure you that you are not alone. I want you to know that there is support available to you and your child. I want you to know that your child matters: their education, health, life and employment/life potential matters.
There is help and it starts with having someone in your corner who knows how to listen and support you. Together we can find solutions and the resources that will allow you to get the help you need. The challenges your family and your child are facing can be worked through and with proper support and resources, your child will be able to feel that people care and that there is support available. That’s an important message for you and your family to hear, believe and work towards.

When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

– Alexander Den Heijer

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CA$ 100 donation to YMHC

I am located in Canada on EST (Eastern Standard Time) and all sessions will be on EST.  I am flexible and will work with you to arrange a suitable time

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