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Youth Mental Health Canada

2024 Back-to-School Two-Day Training Course

2024 Back-to-School Two-Day Training Course

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Back-to-School Two-Day Training Course

Friday, August 23 and 30, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This training course is designed to cover a comprehensive range of issues relevant to educators, mental health professionals, and other participants involved in supporting student mental health and well-being. It provides school-wide approaches and strategies to support students facing school-induced mental health challenges, which can lead to school avoidance and chronic absenteeism.

Day 1: August 23

Session 1: Introduction and Overview

  • Welcome and Course Objectives
  • Introduction to the course, outline of the topics to be covered, and assignment package.
  • Brief overview of YMHC and its mission.
  • Intersectional Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention: Education, Mental Health, Disability, and Human Rights
  • Educational and Human Rights Policies and Legislation
  • Suicide Experiences, Models, and Research
  • Disability Awareness
  • The Role of Education and Educators


Session 2: Understanding Chronic School Absenteeism

  • Upstream Prevention and Early Intervention: Identifying and Understanding School Phobia
  • Signs and symptoms of school phobia and avoidance.
  • Language and Research in Chronic School Absenteeism: Overview of 100 years


Session 3: Emotional Regulation and School-Induced Mental Health Challenges

  • On-fire impulses of emotional dysregulation

Day 2: August 30

Session 4: Protective Factors: Building Sources of Support

  • Building a Supportive Environment
  • School-wide, universal strategies for supporting students.
  • Types of support available to students
  • Creating inclusive and supportive classrooms and school communities


Session 5: Protective Factors: Building Sources of Strength and Resilience

  • Resilience-Building Activities
  • Activities and programs to build resilience among students: best practices in student mental health.


Session 6: School-Wide Strategies to Support Students with School Phobia, Avoidance, and Chronic School Absenteeism

  • Whole School Framework for Supporting Students
  • Developing Education Support Teams: Identifying key roles within the support network (teachers, counselors, parents, etc.).
  • YMHC School-Wide Strategy: ARPRAE
    • Assessment
    • Action Plans
    • YMHC Guidebook

Wrap-Up and Assignment Package


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