A film on youth mental health reality, change and action

Give Us Hope

Listen to the sound of my voice

Can you feel the beat of my heart?

Listen to the questions I have.

Listen to me.

It’s all very simple to see what we need

Give us hope, my voice is calling

Can you see? Look in my eyes

Can you feel? My hand is reaching.

Jim Papoulis

Shayne Clench’s Story


Dealing with Child and Youth Mental Health: Diagnosis, Treatment, Support


Lost Myself

Shay Esposito


Barriers, Obstacles and Challenges: Personal, Social, Systemic



Youth Suicides = A National Crisis



Youth Mental Health Actions: A National Call to Action


Stand Together

Join in hands so it takes us to a place

We can all believe in

Side by Side

We can breathe

Growing close and free

If we stand together

We will sing forever

Jim Papoulis