About Youth Mental Health Canada

YMHC is a community-based, youth-led charitable non-profit organization focused on youth, family and community engagement for mental health education, support, advocacy and change.

We advocate for needs-based, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed mental health supports, services and educational accommodations and direct funding to families to support young people with chronic mental health disabilities.

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Youth Mental Health Canada Mission Statement

  • To raise awareness of youth mental health issues and how they might be manifested in the educational system
  • To advocate for greater understanding and inclusion of young people with mental health issues
  • To raise the profile of youth mental health
  • To advocate for action on youth mental health issues with increased funding and community supports offered in more timely and effective ways
  • To add our voice to the local, provincial, national and international community of people in the mental health field, specifically focusing on the needs of youth
  • To develop public education materials and tools for increasing awareness of youth mental health
  • To support campaigns challenging systemic discrimination based on mental health disabilities
  • To provide a support network for families struggling with their children’s mental health issues

Our Values


We believe that children and youth with mental health challenges have the right to be respected, supported and included in schools and communities.


We believe that children and youth have the right to mental health treatment and support services that are timely, effective and coordinated.


We believe that meeting the mental health needs of children and youth requires significant financial and professional investment that is sustained throughout the young person’s schooling. Young people with mental health issues have much to contribute to society. It is our responsibility to allow that contribution to flourish.


We believe that children and youth benefit from close collaboration and shared responsibility among service providers, families, communities, educators, other professionals and government.


We believe that educational and healthcare supports must be coordinated to support the mental health needs of young people.


We believe that there should be accountability for the responses of societal systems and the people within the systems to the mental health needs of young people.

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